Regina Weiss lives and works in Berlin.
2007-2009: Master’s program in Spatial Strategies – Research Art in Public Context, Berlin-Weißensee University of Fine Arts
2003-2005: Postgraduate studies, Dresden University of Fine Arts, master student with Prof. Martin Honert
1997-2003: Dresden University of Fine Arts and Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, diploma in sculpture, three-dimensional design


2021: Scholarship Neustart Kultur, Foundation Kulturwerk / VG-Bild
2020: Draussenstadt, Project Funding, Office for Culture / District Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg / Berlin
2018: Neukölln Art Award 2018 (2nd prize)
2017: Foundation Kunstfonds, project funding for Berlin Artists Connected
2016: Cultural Foundation of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Berlin, project funding for the publication Regina Weiss – On the Present of a Past Culture of Remembrance
2015: Shortlist – Hans and Lea Grundig Prize 2015
2013: Exhibition funding from the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the City of Dresden and the Cultural Foundation Dresden of the Dresdner Bank for the site-specific installation Simulacrum City, exhibition space bautzner69
2012: Project funding by the Hermann Ditze Foundation for Pavillon Visionnaire/Les Casses des Voix, Biennale Regard Bénin
2008: Inclusion in the collection of Dresdner Bank – Commerzbank
2007: Working scholarship of the Cultural Foundation of Saxony
2004/05: dynamo-eintracht, one-year work and residence scholarship in Frankfurt a.M., Cultural Foundation of Dresdner Bank
2003-05: HWP – Federal scholarship for women in research and teaching


Regina Weiss – On the Present of a Past Culture of Remembrance, publish&print publishing house, Dresden 2016, ISBN 978-3-946339-06-9
Manual for the redesign of the Lueger monument, (Ed. Working Group for the Transformation of the Lueger Monument into a Memorial against Anti-Semitism and Racism), Vienna 2011, ZVR: 662773619
Back to the Front – Romantic Traditions in German and Polish Art Today, (Ed. Kaja Poprawska), Póznan 2007, ISBN 978-83-925646-0-7
Regina Weiss – we come again, we become more and more, Hesperus publishing house, Potsdam 2006, ISBN: 978-3-932607-14-1
Culture Invest Dresden, Publishing House for Modern Art, Nuremberg 2006, ISBN 3-939738-03-4
Germany seeks…, Revolver – Archive for Contemporary Art, Frankfurt a.M. 2005, ISBN 3-86588-096-7

Solo and group exhibitions

Miss you, Art hall Jesuitenkirche, Aschaffenburg, 2023 / Tracing, Tempelhof Museum Gallery, Berlin, 2023 / Forming communities: berlin ways – 道法柏林,而游于外, KINDL – Center for contemporary art, Berlin, 2022/23 / Walking – A Wide Field, exhibition project in public space, Neuruppin, 2022 / a little piece invisibility, Municipal Gallery alte feuerwache projektraum, Berlin (cat.), 2021 / Wandering – Moving – Measuring – Locating, Art Association Ebersberg, Ebersberg, 2021 / fair share, Old Nationalgallery, Berlin, 2020 / together now!, Exhibition space bautzner69, Dresden, 2020 /Voices!, Willy Brandt House, Berlin, 2019 / Glances & Traces – Contemporary Sculpture Beyond Abstraction and Figuration, CLB, Berlin, 2019 / Neuköllner Art Award, Gallery in the Saalbau, Berlin, 2018 / City Land River, Gallery M, Berlin, 2018 / When it gets dark, everything folds back, Pavilion at the dairy, Berlin, 2017 / On the present of a past culture of remembrance, exhibition and presentation of the publication of the same name, Exhibition space bautzner69, Dresden and Municipal Gallery alte feuerwache projektraum, Berlin, 2017 / Giving the Victims a Voice – On the Artistic Confrontation with the NSU Complex, presentation of works, awarded with special recognition of the Hans and Lea Grundig Prize 2015, riesa efau Culture Forum Dresden, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Saxony and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Dresden, 2016 / Competition – words we are fed up with, Full storage warehouse/Old Kindl Brewery, Berlin, 2016 /Speechless Objects Poke Us – Reflecting on Theodoros Boulgarides, Greek House, Munich, 2015 / Dear Anton, dear Ernst – On the presence of monuments of the GDR, Municipal Gallery alte feuerwache projektraum, Berlin, 2014 / arranged, Municipal Gallery Tempelhof, Berlin (cat.), 2014 /Urban mining, Quelle building, Nuremberg (cat.), 2014 / Speechless Objects Poke Us – Reflecting on Theodoros Boulgarides, Westendstudios, Munich (Solo exhibition) 2014 / Simulacrum City – site-specific installation, Exhibition space bautzner69, Dresden, 2013 / Biennial Regard Bénin 2012, Cotonou, Porto-Novo (BJ), 2012 / The presence of the past in the future, Stedefreund, Berlin, 2012 / Up to here and how further?, Gallery M, Berlin, 2012 / long_boredom. Approach to an unloved, FORUM Factory, Berlin, 2012 / Project grant KunstKommunikation 12, DA Art Gallery Cloister Gravenhorst, 2011 / Luxury, culture and art festival 48h Neukölln, Berlin, 2011 / Semper Verde, Women’s Museum Bonn, 2011 / Localization/Niche/Room, Speicher U75, Düsseldorf, 2010 / The Atlas of Gifted Ideas, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (US), 2010 / Monumental Structures, Art Association SUSI, Cologne, 2010 / Thirdspace, John Schehrstraße, Berlin, 2009 / Movement, Videospace – Space for Culture, Frankfurt a.M. (Solo exhibition), 2009 / Move, Art Gallery Koidl, Berlin, 2008 / Capturing Münnerstadt, Henneberg Museum, Münnerstadt, 2008 / Localize, Museum of Film Potsdam, Potsdam, 2008 / Back to Front, Galllery Neurotitan, Berlin and Gallery Szyperska, Poznan (PL) (cat.), 2007 / Culture Invest, Oktogon HfBK Dresden, Dresden (cat.), 2007 / History Codes, Nikolai Church, Berlin, 2007 / Stormfree – Houseparty!, Gallery Baer, Dresden, 2007 / Movement, Galileo Building, Frankfurt a. M./ Motorenhalle, Center for Contemporary Art, Dresden (Solo exhibition of the scholarship holders of the Dresden Cultural Foundation of Dresdner Bank with a single catalog), 2006 / The floating virgin, doppel de – Young Art from Dresden, Dresden, 2006 / First Biennial of Young European Art, Klima Gallery, Warschau (PL) (cat.), 2005 / Haunted, Krochhaus, Leipzig, 2005 / Sputniza – We can also do differently…, Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art, Dresden, 2005 / Germany seeks…, Cologne Art Association, Cologne (cat.), 2004 / Unknown sister, unknown brother, Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art, Dresden, 2004 / Vacant, Adalbertstrasse 41, Munich, 2004 / 4:80:12, European Center for the Arts, Dresden-Hellerau, 2004 / Paradise, oh paradise, Pieschner Art Association, Dresden, 2003 / Diploma exhibition, Oktogon Dresden University of Fine Arts, Dresden, 2003 / Artists, Junkies and Adventurers, Culture House Stockholm, Stockholm (SE), 2002